Thursday, December 13, 2012

We're getting somewhere

Fourth Version of Refugee

Slowly Refugee moves away from being a prototype to being an actual game. In this version I introduced the inventory and drop system, so now all the destruction you can bring to the world will pay off. Currently there are around 7 things you can collect, try to find them all!
The next step will be either sounds or the crafting system, stay tuned.

The new start menu

You can play it here: Refugee - Version 4


You can check all changelogs in the wiki: Refugee Wiki - Changelog

Changelog for v04:

  • new Feature: Drops from attacked objects
  • new Feature: Inventory
  • new Feature: Notifys about loot
  • minor bug fixes in world creation
  • improved start menu
  • improved loading screen


You can check the features in the wiki: Refugee Wiki - Features
You also can see the current To-Dos with priorities there.


You can find all the source code to this prototype online under my github account in the repository RefugeePrototype

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