Wednesday, December 5, 2012

First prototype of Refugee

First prototype of Refugee

I started on developing my first own game about which I blogged here when I presented my game ideas. So now I started on this one and here is the first prototype of it.

Screenshot of the first Refugee Prototype
You can play it here: Refugee - Prototype 1


Until now there is not much in the prototype, but you are able to walk around and see the random world generation. It's kinda slow and I'm not quite sure if that is the fault of my machine or not. So if you have performance issues please tell me.
  • Random World Creation
  • Random Placement of bushes and flowers
  • Walk around with W,A,S,D


  • Correcting hit boxes 
  • Interaction with world : able to chop down wood
  • Inventory
  • Interaction with world: use stationary saw to process wood
  • different ground tiles with different properties
  • Crafting system
  • Enemies
  • Camera to follow player


You can find all the source code to this prototype online under my github account in the repository RefugeePrototype

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