Monday, December 17, 2012

More crafting and music!

Seventh Version of Refugee

Hey in this new update there is a bunch of new objects in the game. Build weapons out of stone to deal a more serious amount of damage! Build picks to get those stones! And a lot more!
Also now you have a background music and sound effects!
Use the stationary saw to process your wooden logs and sticks and then carry them to the craft table to build mighty (kinda) weapons! To use one of the craft objects just press X when you're standing in front of them. Also press X in the inventory to equip your new weapons. Have fun!

The new graphic style of Refugee

You can play it here: Refugee - Version 7


You can check all changelogs in the wiki: Refugee Wiki - Changelog

Changelog for v07:

  • new craftable weapons and objects
  • graphic improvement
  • scrollable Inventory
  • added Stone Objects


You can check the features in the wiki: Refugee Wiki - Features
You also can see the current To-Dos with priorities there.


You can find all the source code to this prototype online under my github account in the repository RefugeePrototype

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