Saturday, December 8, 2012

MargaritaVille Review

Recently I played MargaritaVille on Facebook and her are my thoughts about it:

Screenshot from MargitaVille
I think I played the game for a few hours, mostly because I was bored and had nothing better to do at that time, but I've to admit that at the beginning it wasn't bad and motivated me to play longer. At the end I had discovered the whole first island and got the new boat which was supposed to bring me to the next island but I didn't get that to work, which was kinda frustrating and I quit. But while the quests at the beginning were kinda fun and different to each other at the end I felt like every quest was the same which got very lame. I actually read this article Who Killed Videogames - A Ghost Story the guy from Explosive Barrel Games mentioned in his interview after that and found it to be quite insightful because it was describing these kind of games. I think I have to agree with the article a lot, for me these games can be fun for a hours (like MargaritaVille) but I wouldn't never spend money on them or play them longer than that, but the article pointed out how the makers still make profit with it, which is quite impressive if you consider the thoughts and science they put in it. That really impressed me but I don't know if I would have noticed it without the article because I don't have the game designer perspective on games (yet?).
So it was a good insight in the social games industry and I don't regret spending time in it, because otherwise I would have missed the experience to understand the article.


  1. Do you happen to still have the link to the article you mention?

    1. Hey, sure thing , you can find it here :) I also updated the post to include the link, I still think it's an awesome article ;)