Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Destroy everything!

Third Version of Refugee

Here we go, finally you can do something in Refugee! Something very destructive! You can destroy everything! So far so good, I plan to implement the inventory and drop system next so that all this destruction will have a good use ;)

Screenshot from the latest Refugee Version

You can play it here: Refugee - Version 3


You can check all changelogs in the wiki: Refugee Wiki - Changelog

Changelog for v03:

  • new Feature: Start Menu
  • new Feature: Attacks
  • new Feature: Trees, Bushes and Flowers are destroyable
  • minor bug fixes in world creation


You can check the features in the wiki: Refugee Wiki - Features
You also can see the current To-Dos with priorities there.


You can find all the source code to this prototype online under my github account in the repository RefugeePrototype

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