Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bigger Screens and stuff!

Fifth Version of Refugee

This time I bring you bigger graphics and a bigger screen! Also some minor improvements , mostly appearance stuff but also fixed some performance issues.

The new start menu

You can play it here: Refugee - Version 5


You can check all changelogs in the wiki: Refugee Wiki - Changelog

Changelog for v05:

  • new Feature: Pause function
  • new Feature: Drop descriptions
  • minor bug fixes movement
  • bigger graphics and screen
  • improved performance
  • improved start menu
  • improved loading screen
  • improved inventory


You can check the features in the wiki: Refugee Wiki - Features
You also can see the current To-Dos with priorities there.


You can find all the source code to this prototype online under my github account in the repository RefugeePrototype


  1. Thanks for the feedback. I just published a new version including the crafting system, so from now on you can do stuff in the game ;) Will try to introduce new instructions with the next version, I guess otherwise it's a little bit to confusing