Monday, October 1, 2012

Wouldn't it be cool... Where to get an idea

Where do you get ideas from? Well basically I think that you should try to make the kind of games you would like to play, if your lucky people will feel the same about it. At least that's my approach for the moment, we will see how it will work out.

In my last post I presented my first game idea by writing about three category which gives the reader a basic understanding of what the author tries to describe: the technology used, the game play and the story the game wants to tell. I haven't come up with this method on my own but again got it from Richard Rouse III and his book "Game Design Theory and Practice, Second Edition" (seriously, get the book if you're interested in this topic!).

In the arena of computer game design, the process of coming up with a game idea that will work is complicated by a number of factors fiction authors do not need to worry about. In part this is because computer game ideas can come from three distinct, unrelated areas of the form: gameplay, technology, and story. These different origins are interconnected in interesting ways, with the origin of the game’s idea limiting what one will be able to accomplish in the other two areas. So when a game designer starts thinking about the game she is hoping to make — thinking about it in terms of gameplay, technology, or story — it is important that she consider how that initial idea will impact all aspects of the final game.
 Richard Rouse,Game Design Theory and Practice, Second Edition 
So here is my next idea, which by the was created by thinking about an old school game ported to modern platforms and I had to think about this game I played a lot during school.

The Tron-Light-Bike-Drawing-Fight (Names are hard)

Technology: 2D, just drawing some lines so nothing fancy
Gameplay: Each player controls a different colored line. Each line moves with the same speed forward and the player can just control the direction with a left and right button. If you press any button your line makes a curve to that direction as long as the button is pushed, if no button is pressed the line goes straight forward. A player loses and his line stops moving when you hit the boundaries of the game or a line from another player or your own. You can see all the time the whole game area so it's not moving with you in any way. The winner is the one one survives the longest. I think this is actually and pretty simple game play but my friends and I had a lot of fun with it in the hot seat mode because of it's competitive nature. I would like to port it to smartphones so that you can play it together with your friends over bluetooth, wifi or your data connection.
Story: Nah there's no for this one, maybe something like the TRON lightbikes, they make everything cool.


  1. Not a bad idea. I like the simplicity and how you are basing the popularity on the competition between friends. I could see siblings in the back of cars playing this on the way to Grandma's house. Or teammates on a sports team bus playing on the way home from a game.

  2. Really good idea. I wonder if it is at all possible to link up smart phones via bluetooth in an app though. I never thought about a mobile game being connected like that before. I think you could do a good job with this game as the graphics would not need to be extremely complicated, look at games like temple run and fruit ninja, perfect graphics are not required just a fun game that works well.