Monday, October 15, 2012

Focus on!

Today I will write about game focus and use one of my game ideas as an example. Maybe you remember this game idea, this is what I would want the focus for this game to be:

The game is an on survival based role-playing game. The player takes the role of a refugee and his experience will be based on the development of this character. It is the players decision if he want to play his character alone or use him to lead other NPCs in order to survive by building up a town. While doing so he needs to collect resources while being under steady attacks from his unfriendly environment. So the player while experience the feeling of being in danger while he struggles to keep himself and his town alive and growing. The overall tone of this game is a very dark one.
This is the focus I like to create. It doesn't tells you all about the game play or anything but what the main aspect of this game should be.


  1. sounds good - did you see my comments/questions on your original game idea post?